We stand in solidarity with our campus partners to support African-American and Black community members. Our community is mourning and in pain from racial trauma. Black Lives Matter.

The spirit of "The Little Book of Racial Healing: Coming to the Table for Truth-Telling, Liberation, and Transformation" encourages sitting together to explore truths. As connections are strengthened, a deepening awareness and recognition of blindspots of racism, implicit bias, microagressions, and discrimination can follow.

In order to address institutionalized racism and institutionalized discrimination, safe spaces allow for sharing and listening, which enable learning of different experiences and commonalities, and community-building. From these connections come resilience and the process of post-traumatic growth.

While coordinated efforts enable all to be involved in the growth process, recognizing pain allows for constructive action to ensue and comes from our innate ability to listen. As we listen and choose steps that match our core values, we have potential to heal deep pain. There are countless resources to work towards greater understanding; the following are but a few.

The veterinary community's strength of compassion is a solid foundation for acting from spaces of openness, curiosity, and dialogue.

For VMCVM Veterinary Teaching Hospital Community, see Veterinary Social Work Intranet for additional resources.