By taking care of your mind, you are also taking care of your body, and visa versa. In "Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty," Dr. Doreen Marshall, vice president of programs for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, acknowledges that human beings like certainty. However, when life is unpredictable, we can create stability in ways that will enable us to become more aware of our inner resources to weather the unknown.

Research is ongoing to find what people are doing to manage COVID-19 and build inner resilience. Download an infographic for your practice on the following reminders of what is working for people during this time:

  • Get outside
  • Keep moving, and move some more!
  • Connect
  • Keep communication lines open
  • Embrace positive emotions
  • Engagement
  • Sleep well
  • Create calm
  • Gratitude
  • Meaning

During COVID-19, when physical distancing keeps us safe, it is essential to maintain opportunities to build connection as this is what offers individuals the experience of validation, empathy, and understanding of personal experiences. Find creative ways to maintain connections in your life, both personally and professionally!

Written by Trish Haak, LCSW